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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Currently, amidst all the struggles and chaos going on in the world, this time has come as a hidden blessing for us at the Glacier Rescue Project. The pandemic happened to come right during our process of filing to become a registered nonprofit organization, along with figuring out all the ins and outs of GRP moving forward. All of our group members work full-time jobs, and for the last eight months we have only been able to meet for an hour twice a week by video chat since we all live in different areas. This pause in our life has undoubtedly created many challenges for us as individuals and created much more uncertainty for GRP projects in 2020. Above all though, it has given us a time to reflect on the goals we have as an organization, how we are going to accomplish them, and everything else in between.

The biggest challenge that has come to us when building the framework for Glacier Rescue has been to keep our focus strong, but narrow. In just the last six months or so, some of the potential projects for our group in 2020 have included a bike race, a running race, a video project in Iceland, a ridiculously expensive trip to Antarctica, an expedition across Greenland, and a couple different collaborations with local apparel brands. It has been too easy to get ahead of ourselves and loose sight of what our main objectives are, but we haven’t had anything forcing us to slow down our thoughts until now. Pretty much the only certainty in our lives right now is that all our plans for the next five months should be rescheduled or forgotten, and that has ended up being very rewarding for us.

A lot of the process for filing to become a nonprofit is entirely new to us. it’s slightly terrifying, but also very exciting. Things seems to be getting more and more real for the Glacier Rescue Project. It feels good to know that we are just at the beginning of what’s to come.

Below: artwork for out Re-Freeze™ initiative. The stay at home process has been incredibly valuable for us to reflect on new strategies we can share our mission to use creative design and visual communication to advocate for the implications of mass glacial melt.

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