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Where We Are Headed

If there is one positive take away from 2020, it is that this year has actually been a very rewarding time to figure out GRP’s plans for the future. As I’m sure most organizations feel the same, this year has gone in a much different direction than we anticipated at the beginning of the year. For us, this meant no events, no trips to glacial sites, and no real chance to talk with students in traditional classroom settings. All of these very attainable goals for GRP were put on hold, forcing us to pivot our operations in meaningful ways that continued to grow our organization. Nevertheless, we still managed to launch a couple campaigns, build out an education platform, and strengthen the foundation of GRP for the years to come.

Moving into 2021, we are planning to launch a number of projects around the idea of “changing the way people think about climate change.” We have a couple collaborations lined up with apparel brands and will continue to grow that list before the end of this year. Through these projects, we are going to be able to really tap into the embodiment of all that is GRP– creative communication. We believe our success will come from thinking outside of the box and finding unconventional ways to communicate how glacial melt is a key piece of the climate change puzzle.

In addition to collaborations, moving forward, GRP will pair design and education. With innovative design and creative communication, we ensure our educational content engages climate learners of all levels. This includes designing custom class presentations that will allow us to work with a diverse set of classrooms across the country and globe.

There are many different avenues GRP can take. Our mission allows us to take on numerous different projects while still falling under the larger umbrella of visual and creative communication. However, the challenge with having a broad mission like ours is actually figuring what’s the next best project. One thing is for sure, we are headed in a direction that allows us to launch a diverse collection of campaigns. Down the road, we will function as a nonprofit that has created measurable environmental successes through hundreds of different initiatives that engage people of all different beliefs, backgrounds, and passions. We will always stick to our roots and tap into creativity and unusual communication methods to help drive the climate movement for the next generation of environmentalists.

Pictured below: Almost two years ago during a polar expedition training course when GRP was not much more than an idea...

photo credits: Eric Larsen

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