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This year for Earth Day 2021 we teamed up with the talented artist, Anika Hager, to bring the GRP community some limited edition, hand crafted, Polar Breeze candles. At GRP we strive to find unique and unusual outlets to communicate climate change and environmental-related issues.


As a part of the collaboration, we have created a resource webpage explaining three simple things you can do in your daily life to help Re-Freeze and we hope these candles can act as a reminder to encourage our community to Re-Freeze in their daily life whenever they are able.

All candles were hand-poured by Minneapolis-based artist, Sienna Schneider using soy wax, repurposed containers, and natural essential oils. The candles are scented with eucalyptus and mint essential oils.



Anika is a Minnesota-based visual artist creating designs with the outdoors in mind. Inspired by exploration and our connections to place, she makes custom topographic maps, lake art, upcycled painted skis and paddles, and more - with a focus on sustainable materials. Anika is passionate about creative collaboration and using her art for good; she partners with and donates a portion of her profits to climate action and environmental justice organizations each month.

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