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Welcome to Winter



We partnered up with our friends at Suffer Better to create an awesome beanie to spread the word about what both of our groups are doing to handle major environmental challenges. After many month of debating how this collab would look, we decided on beanies because that way we can get everyone stoked on Winter, our favorite season, and the most iconic season in Colorado– where this collaboration took place. Each beanie is a tangible reminder that both our groups' efforts are actually worth caring about. Plus, who doesn't like a sweet new beanie to rock on the way up to the mountains?

10% of profits from all GRPxSB beanies are donated to one of our Conservation Colorado, who is actively working to establish Colorado as an environmental leader in this country and around the world.


Suffer Better


Suffer Better is a Colorado based non-profit that creates opportunities for endurance athletes to direct their energy and dedication to protecting the natural environment and improving local communities


Conservation Colorado


Conservation Colorado is a leader in combating climate change in the state of Colorado. Prioritizing clean air, Conservation Colorado fights to reduce carbon emissions and lead the way for strong climate policies in Colorado.  

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