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For Earth Day 2021, we wanted to use the holiday as an opportunity to spread awareness for the work we are doing at GRP with the hopes of raising some money for our upcoming projects. We did not have a budget to put money into this project, so we decided the best option was to create a clean, crisp graphic that could be easily shared on our social media and our email newsletter. 

We needed to create a design that catered to a person who was excited about Earth Day. The designs we produced were made for the purpose of sharing via Instagram "Stories" due to the fact that all the necessary text and actions were included in the graphic.


  •  Our top performing social media post with 167 shares and an estimated reach of 1,002 people

  • Second best performing fundraising day for Glacier Rescue since becoming a nonprofit

  • Website traffic increased over 500% compared to the previous month

See the social media post here

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