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A passion to educate and inform the world about glacial melt

Every second, Antarctica loses the equivalent of three olympic sized swimming pools worth of ice. In order to combat the global implications of this catastrophic loss, we’ve created a model that proposes a solution. We focus on communicating the reality of climate change in a visual manner so that people can see what is actually happening to the planet as a result of our consumption habits. To further our efforts, we collaborate with apparel brands to provide our audience with a tangible way to support the environmental movement. We then donate a portion of our profits to environmental groups that have greater outreach resources, and who actively combat climate change. Through our efforts, we can help both spread awareness of and fund the environmental movement.

Our Team

Gus Reynolds


Gus has long been a professional graphic designer with an educational background in Environmental Studies. It was not until having the opportunity to see glacial melt in person did he begin to shift his designs to be climate change-focused. With a passion to communicate issues through visuals and design, he decided to create the Glacier Rescue Project. 

Jeremy Bird


With a background in Environmental Studies and Economics, Jeremy joined the Glacier Rescue Team to work towards his passion of raising awareness for the issues surrounding climate change that current and future generations will have to face. Jeremy's vision for fashion and clean designs helps make the Glacier Rescue products become the beautiful finished products that they are.

Wesley Brown

As an avid climber, runner, and all around outdoors lover, Wesley has a passion for protecting the planet that goes beyond the average person. He has a background in Environmental Studies and Biology, which has made him an integral member of the Glacier Rescue team.

Sid Toriggino

Sid plays a key role within Glacier Rescue as a marketing strategist and financial advisor. He has an academic background in business and financial analytics. Sid is in many ways the visionary behind determining what we can learn from the past, and what is GRP going to look like in 10 years.

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