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Denver, Colorado, 80206

what we do

A passion to educate and inform the world about glacial melt

The Glacier Rescue Project is a brand and non-profit organization centered around the desire to better incorporate graphic design and climate change visuals into environmentalism. This is done with the intention set on educating consumers about mass glacial melt and promoting solutions to the looming issue as well. We are concerned with the issue that the most dramatic climate change is happening in areas of the world where few people live or visit– the glacial regions. Furthermore, the only people who actually see the scary reality of mass glacial melt are the few individuals fortunate enough to travel to these locations– an extremely small percentage of the world’s population. To compensate for this issue, we are spreading imagery and educational material to inform the world about what is really happening to the world’s glaciers and icecaps.


Our current mission is to help spread awareness for climate change through various visual mediums and and raising money for the current environmental movement through the sale of climate change inspired apparel. We are committed to donating 20% of our profits to environmental groups fighting climate change that are already doing great work to protect our planet. With this effort, we hope to act as a hybrid between an environmental organization and an outdoor brand. Our goal aims to use appealing visuals and intriguing climate information to engage audiences who would not normally be involved in environmentalism.

Our Team

Gus Reynolds


Gus has long been a professional graphic designer with an educational background in Environmental Studies. It was not until having the opportunity to see glacial melt in person did he begin to shift his designs to be climate change-focused. With a passion to communicate issues through visuals and design, he decided to create the Glacier Rescue Project. 

Jeremy Bird


With a background in Environmental Studies and Economics, Jeremy joined the Glacier Rescue Team to work towards his passion of raising awareness for the issues surrounding climate change that current and future generations will have to face. Jeremy's vision for fashion and clean designs helps make the Glacier Rescue products become the beautiful finished products that they are.

Wesley Brown

As an avid climber, runner, and all around outdoors lover, Wesley has a passion for protecting the planet that goes beyond the average person. He has a background in Environmental Studies and Biology, which has made him an integral member of the Glacier Rescue team.

Elissa Temme

Elissa helps the Glacier Rescue Project create such wonderful graphic art as well as helping figure out what's next for everything we do. She knows how things work, and with her wisdom, we are always moving forward towards bigger and greater things. As a professional graphic designers on the side, she understands that if all else fails, at least we will have some super clean logos to support our mission.

Will Cipos

Will is one of our visual experts. As a freelance photographer on the side, he spends most of his time behind a camera, but knows what it takes to produce high-quality content. Will's background in marketing and communications has helped us as a team better convey the issues associated with glacial melt to all of our customers and collaborators.

Marcel Hones

Marcel understands what it means to be stylish. After starting his own apparel brand, Marcel decided to join the Glacier Rescue Project on the side to assist with our product development and operations. He loves the outdoors and saving planet almost as much as he loves bananas.